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Our Contraception Journey Part 6: Cerazette Complications

Cerazette Complications

Part 6 of a weekly series. We’ve been through nearly every available contraception method in our efforts to find the right solution for us.

A yellow foil card containing a month's supply of Cerazette birth control pills.

Not the answer

By the time SilverHubby had his urology appointment, I’d been on the Cerazette for several months. My period dwindled, then disappeared completely – a side effect that I found very welcome. I didn’t have any difficulties with taking the pill every day. We looked at female sterilisation again, but decided that as long as the pill was working for me, there was no reason to do something that invasive.

Gradually, over the course of the year, my libido started to diminish. It happened so gradually that it took us a while to recognize there was a problem. We went to the GP and discussed the various possibilities. Quite a lot of bloodwork was scheduled. But of course, in order to properly test my hormone levels, I’d have to go off the pill for a month.

For that month, we went back to our fallback method of contraception – taking vaginal intercourse off the menu in favour of oral, anal, and mutual masturbation. The month passed, I got lots of blood drawn, and I jumped right back on the pill again.

Unfortunately, the blood results didn’t show any obvious causes for my libido problems. And that’s when the GP said, “Sometimes, the pill can cause a loss of libido, and you’ll need to be off of the pill for several months before it returns.” She suggested going back to the Family Planning clinic to talk to them about the diaphragm or cervical cap.

And so, there we were, back at the discussion we seem to have every year or so – our contraception method isn’t working, so what do we do now?

To be continued…

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