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A Big “Thankyou!” to JohnDStories

John is now officially our “Wow, what a nice guy!” superhero. Seriously, he’s a staggeringly nice man.

Upon hearing that we had a crappy old camera, and that a dying cellphone and laptop we had to replace would mean we couldn’t get a good camera until next year, he offered us his old DSLR. FOR FREE! To a good home of course.

It’s a Canon EOS 300D, with 18-55mm lens, three2gig CF cards (largest capacity it can handle), two batteries, charger, gadget bag and everything. At 6mp, it’s lower res than the iPhone 4s camera we’d just started using, but it’s still way superior to it because of its lens and ability to generate RAW format files. These are huge, and while the CF cards are small by today’s standards, they’ll still hold around 200 RAW files, which is enough for us.

So, anyway, this arrived Thursday morning.

He's a very nice man.

He’s a very nice man.

You should go look at John’s blog over at – he’s a very good writer.

Note: When we get a modern DSLR, probably next summer-ish now, we will want to pass on this camera to someone else who would appreciate it, and John agrees. We’ll post and Tweet about it when it’s ready to be adopted again.


6 thoughts on “A Big “Thankyou!” to JohnDStories

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  2. Sassycat

    Sometimes I think the people we meet & communicate with online are much more kinder & nore thoughtful than our own family members. Well done John. Congrats to both of you, looking forward to seeing the photos with the “new” camera.

  3. John

    Wow! Thanks for the lovely comments.

    I’m genuinely touched.

    Hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to some more awesome pictures on your blog over the coming months 😉

  4. Heaven

    Wow, that is awesome of John he is a good guy. I always enjoy his comments on my blog.

  5. Modesty Ablaze

    Wow . . . that’s really, really lovely of John.
    I’m sure we’re all looking forward to seeing some new pics with your new camera.
    Xxx – K

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