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Our Contraception Journey Part 5: The Urology Appointment

The Urology Appointment

Part 5 of a weekly series. We’ve been through nearly every available contraception method in our efforts to find the right solution for us.


A drawing of a urology exam - a pair of hands holding the penis aside and identifying the vas deferens by feel.So SIlverdrop was using Cerazette. So she was unlikely to get pregnant. Vaginal sex was back on the menu, right? Wrong. In fact, pretty much all forms of sex suddenly went off the menu for much of the time. Why? Because Cerazette is a low hormone dose pill, it still triggered migraines in my beloved. Bad ones. Sometimes last days. I don’t want any form of sex when I have a normal headache, so I understood-ish how Silverdrop was feeling. Luckily, I don’t get migraines, but it hurts like hell to see her suffering.

Honestly, it’s enough to make you cry, isn’t it? Well, we nearly did a few times. We love each other. We’re soulmates. We like sex. A lot. It’s horrible for both of us when other things get in the way.

Anyway, at around this time my appointment to see a urology surgeon came through. You can see why a simple, one teensy cut in Doctor’s office, tubal ligation wasn’t possible for me in Part Three of this series.

I was only in the waiting room for ten minutes before I was called in to see the surgeon. This was a pleasant surprise – long waits are not uncommon. The surgeon was polite, professional and was easy to talk to. Most importantly, he had clearly read my file and knew my medical history well. This inspires confidence in a patient.

He needed to perform a physical examination of course, but I am used to those and they have long since ceased to bother or embarrass me. The cold gets to me a bit though.

The urology examination confirmed what my GP (Primary Care Physician US) found. My right testicle rides high (one riding higher than the other is apparently very common) and it would almost certainly not be possible to do the minimally-invasive procedure. This left traditional surgery i.e. scalpels out and hack away. Sorry, was that too melodramatic?

Initially, this seemed like something I could sign up for. The incision would be relatively small and I would be in and out of hospital the same day (probably), even though it would be done under general anaesthetic. Can you hear the “But…” coming?

He went on to explain the problems. We know from experience that my Type II Diabetes causes me to heal very slowly. As in 18 months and a small hole in my side after it completely healed spider bite! This coupled with the added complication of an old surgical scar right where the incision needed to be, meant that he was willing to perform the surgery, but warned me the likelihood of complications was much higher than normal. *sigh*

I initially agreed to it anyway, as it would be 10-12 weeks for it to be scheduled at non-emergency NHS speeds. I left his office with a heavy heart.

I discussed the visit at some length with Silverdrop, and we finally decided the risks were too great. I called the urology surgeon’s office and cancelled the procedure.

Can we have some vaginal sex yet, pretty please?

So. What next? Surgery for SD and all the complications that could bring?

Next week: Cerazette Complications. Yes, the saga goes on.


To be continued….

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2 thoughts on “Our Contraception Journey Part 5: The Urology Appointment

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  2. Lord Raven

    Sometimes what seems like it should be so simple ends up being so damn complicated. This journey that you are sharing with us is both heart warming as we see the love and caring for one another in your relationship) and heartbreaking (the hoops and obstacles that seem to inundate the journey)
    I hope that in the end there will be a happy ending and that you both will look back and say it was worth the hassle.
    Oh and yes migraines are an uber bitch. Both me and Alice get them. So I defiantly can understand not wanting to have them in the picture.

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