The female blogger Silverdrop, shown from shoulders to waist, nude, with her long brown hair covering her breasts.

My Hair is Getting Really Long!

SilverHubby (aka SilverDom) took this picture yesterday. He wanted me to see just how long my hair is getting. I was shocked.

Whatever you do, don’t tell the lovely Rebel that my hair was really short just three years ago. 🙂  Mine grows really fast. Hers less so.

SH loves grabbing it and pulling at it during rough sex. I like that too.

Silverdrop, a femle blogger, stands naked with her back to the camera. Her long, brunette hair almost reaches her lower back.

Almost reached the small of my back!

Edit: And apparently I didn’t check who was logged in. This two author blog thing is more complicated than it ought to be!

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