The female blogger Silverdrop, shown from shoulders to waist, nude, with her long brown hair covering her breasts.

Sinful Sunday – Sexy #moremeninsinfulsunday

We totally believe that the human form, male, female and all shades between, is beautiful. Here is my beautiful man.

Taken by Silverdrop on the iPhone


Next week’s Sinful Sunday entry is likely to be taken on the camera JohnDStories gave us.

#moremeninsinfulsunday. Silverhubby says: I think the male body, like the female, should be celebrated in all its glorious shapes and sizes. So come on men, if I can put my beautiful but broken and scarred body on display, what’s stopping you?

Click below to see who else is being sinful this Sunday.

Sinful Sunday

15 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday – Sexy #moremeninsinfulsunday

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  2. Lori&Hubby

    I echo Molly’s comment.
    I think body image is actually harder for men. My man’s very self conscious.
    I wish he would loosen up, I love the male form for photography and would like to work on some shots of him.

    Kuddos to your man.

  3. John

    I guess I am a little insecure about my body; there are many things about it that I hate, but doesnt stop me from contributing to the photographic memes! I guess todays “norm” is a fantasy pipedream for most but thatt doesnt stop expectations being raised to unrealistic levels ;-(

  4. kinkymom

    SH is a beautiful man! our hubby’s are similar in build and I would not trade my hubby for nothing he is perfect in every way!

  5. Bunny

    I agree. Variety is the spice of life and we all have different bodies that we should be proud of. Well done Silverhubby on showing off what you’ve got.

  6. GrittyWoman

    I totally agree with Molly. My guy is even more insecure about his body than I am. He thinks he is too hairy, this legs to thin…on and on I could go! I actually think the only reason my man started to feel comfortable taking part in Sinful Sunday was after seeing men popping up more and seeing that men do not have to be that perfect sculpted image Molly described, to be sexy or to enjoy feeling sexy and confident.

  7. Molly

    I completely agree with you about the representation of bodies, both male and female but there does seem to be even less honest imagery of men than there is of woman. I am fairly sure if you are a young man today growing up you must be of the opinion that unless you are perfectly sculpted, with beautiful muscles and baby soft skin then you do not fit into the norm…. just like with young women this is dangerous and scary trend


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