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Wicked Wednesday – I Hope it Goes Better This Time

Have you any idea how hard it is to find a non-church related image of confession?

Have you any idea how hard it is to find a non-church related image of confession?

This was actually the second time I had made this confession, although it was the first time I had confessed it to you, my Silverdrop.

Twenty years ago, I tried to tell my first wife that one of my first sex partners was another boy (I say boy because I was 15, he was 16). She did not take it well. I don’t mean she was shocked in a “Oh, how do I deal with this?” kind of way. I mean she went completely apeshit over it. Shouting and screaming, accusing me of lying. Fun stuff like that. I shut up. We both pretended it never happened. Except during the divorce years later, when she accused me of being gay and that was why I must be leaving her.

I knew I was going to tell you about my sexuality very early on in our relationship. Back then, I still considered myself bisexual – I now know myself to be pansexual. Anyway… I was very nervous about telling you. I think I would have been nervous anyway, but it was made much worse by my first wife’s reaction to it.

I didn’t plan it – it came out entirely naturally in a conversation – on ICQ I think. I don’t remember exactly what we were talking about, but it was something to do with what we were attracted to. I said “Well I am bisexual, you know!”

I seem to remember you were at work at the time. Something happened in the office that meant you couldn’t respond immediately. In fact, it was some minutes before you responded. It felt like several hours. I briefly, feared the worst.

I think I shall let you tell our dear reader (there is just the one) what your response was.


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5 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday – I Hope it Goes Better This Time

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  2. kinkymom

    I bet it was complete torture for you having to tell after your first mistake (ops I mean first wife) It is completely awesome that for one you can admit to who you truly are and for two that your wife accepts you for who you are! I am curious to read more about this though so please continue to confess tell us more! 😉

  3. Molly

    I have a fairly strong feeling what kind of response you got… but I am intrigued to know for sure. As I said on someone elses post having a partner you can truly be completely open with a wonderful thing


  4. Marie Rebelle

    Oh and now of course I am curious. I want to know how Silverdrop responded!

    I can also totally understand that confessing something like this for a second time is worse than the first time, because of the first reaction you got.

    Rebel xox

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