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WickedWednesday – Pleasure in Your Pain


I am a dominant and a sadist. So I think this #WickedWednesday, I shall ramble on talk about the pleasure I take from your pain. It is sad that our health means we can no longer do all those wonderful pain play sessions we used to do, but we do what we can, don’t we?

But first, two pictures to illustrate some of the fun (you use that word too, right?) we’ve had.

These can hurt.

These can hurt.

Owie! (Actually, you may have said BadWords)

Owie! (Actually, you may have said BadWords)

Discerning readers may notice that the reverse of the claws resemble a cheese grater. Dragging them across nipple/labia/clitoris can force an interesting reaction from the person on the receiving end.

Some events from our past which may help illustrate the pleasure I take from your pain:

  • Early in our relationship, you told me that you couldn’t get your head around the mindset of a sadist. You weren’t complaining. You had discovered, somewhat to your surprise, that you were a masochist, so having a sadistic partner was just fine.  🙂  Remember the first time I used the full set of canes on you? You were flat on your belly on the bed. Head turned towards me. You told me afterwards that you had watched my cock get harder and harder as the caning progressed. In fact, I ended the session by fucking you but coming over your very sore butt cheeks, then rubbing my spunk in to you (drifting off into the memory and getting an erection). You told me afterwards that that was when you began to understand. I think that is also a pretty good example of me taking pleasure in your pain.

Oh, you want another example?

  • Have you ever noticed how my breathing quickens when you make those little pain noises of yours? How they just spur me on. Like when I spank you as I fuck you. The pain noises just make me fuck you harder, often accompanied by me growling. You seem to like that, slavegirl.

OK, one more.

  • The pinwheel. You can just barely stand it. The pinwheel over the soles of your feet? I have to peel you off the ceiling if you aren’t securely restrained. I get very great pleasure from running the pinwheel over the soles of your feet and watching your pained reaction.

Do you, dear reader, think I get pleasure from Silverdrop’s pain?


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11 thoughts on “WickedWednesday – Pleasure in Your Pain

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  2. Mia

    I love this post it explains beautifully how myself and my boyfriend are with each other, we are both sadistic, however, I am much more the masochist than he. I love it that we have such a variety and I/we relate so much with your post in so many ways!!!

    Mia xx

  3. Hyacinth

    I love seeing TN writhe. It switches me over to that place of calm eroticism necessary for me to focus on what’s going on. xx Hy

  4. Molly

    Indeed I think you do, as does Sir when it comes to me. I certainly am fully aware of this “Have you ever noticed how my breathing quickens when you make those little pain noises of yours?” I know when I make those noises it is like aural Viagra to him


    1. hispreciouspet

      Aural Viagra??? INDEED!!! You are exactly right!!! My Master also SO enjoys hearing my “noises”. And….it makes him hard…aural viagra!

  5. Marie Rebelle

    Master T is a sadist too and I have noticed the same reaction in Him when He is causing me pain. It excites Him and because it excites Him, I seem able to take more.

    Nice post!

    Rebel xox

  6. atiya

    Too haute!!
    I’ve never really had this type of contact but I wish to experience it.
    Second bullet…How you ended the sentence by saying slave girl – wet spot
    Third bullet…oh my another wet spotter when you said peeled her of the ceiling if she wasn’t restrained!

    Thanks for sharing
    This post is awesome!!

  7. Malflic

    I would certainly say you get pleasure from her pain. Of course it is something that I can completely identify with as well.

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