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Sinful Sunday – But Me No Butts

But Silverdrop has a great butt, don’t you think? I have told her that her butt is extremely photogenic – she stuck her tongue out at me. Hah!

I especially like that kite shaped gap at the top of the thighs, perfect for access by hand, mouth, cock… *drifting away into Lustville here*

SS 29 Dec 13

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Sinful Sunday

SilverHubby and Silverdrop

Merry Christmas to All Our Readers!

This blog is a place where we can be us, warts and all. We cherish it and our readers.

So, Merry Christmas if you observe the holiday, and happy holidays if you don’t. We wish you all well.

Slowly tackling the new camera's abilities.

Slowly tackling the new camera’s abilities.

If you would like to read SIlverdrop’s take on the Christmas story, take a look here.

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The female blogger Silverdrop, shown from shoulders to waist, nude, with her long brown hair covering her breasts.

Holiday Travails (Fiction)

Gold, frankincense and myrrh.It started out bad and just got worse. Why do the holidays always bring so much stress with them? I’d really been hoping the baby would be born before we had to travel, but no such luck. Either junior was running a little late, or my fiancé wasn’t the father. You can just imagine how that would go over. He knew there’d been another guy around, but he didn’t know know. I’d sworn up and down that nothing had happened, that of course the baby was his, but the trip back home for the holidays was still tense. He wanted to believe me, but he didn’t. So there was that.

Then there was the bane of couples everywhere – which family do you spend the holidays with? If things hadn’t been so rocky between us, I probably would have just let him go by himself to see his family, but I had the feeling that doing that would be the last straw. And I really did love Joe, even though at the moment, I was having fond thoughts about strangling him.

And finally, the big one. Literally. I was a big fat whale. I wanted sex, but it was just too damn uncomfortable. He wanted sex, but he found me about as attractive as, well, a big fat whale. The idea that there was a baby right there, ready to pop at any moment, was a major turn-off. The fact that we couldn’t stop fighting kept us from trying to fix the sex problem. The fact that we were sexually frustrated kept us fighting. It was ugly.

Everything will be better once the baby is born, I told myself. He’ll see that it’s his son; we’ll have our own family. Next holiday season, we’ll have a little one to focus on. We just have to get through this without killing each other.

“I need a pee break.” I said.

“What, again? We just stopped!” he said.

“Yes, again. I’ll be quick.”

“You’re never quick.”

“It’s not my fault I don’t have the equipment to pee standing up,” I snapped.

“It’s not mine either! The traffic is terrible, and we’re going to get there after dark as it is.”

“I. Need. To. Pee.”

There really wasn’t an answer to that, and he knew it. It was either stop, or I’d wet myself. When you have a full-term baby sitting on your bladder, you have the capacity of a thimble. The reproachful look he gave me every time I took a sip of water didn’t help the tension between us.

When the first headlights started coming on, and I could see the lights of his hometown below, I felt the first pains starting.

“Hey Joe?” I asked. “How much farther to your mum’s?”

“We’re not staying at my mum’s.”

“What do you mean?”

Joe mumbled something about us living in sin, and how she wasn’t going to let us spend the night together under her roof until we were lawfully married. “But it’s okay. We’ll stay at a motel, and then go have dinner there tomorrow.”

This started another fight. My cousin Beth would have let us stay with her. We’d come all this way and –

There was another pain, cutting me off mid-tirade. “Hey Joe?” I said. “How far to the motel?”

Maybe he caught something in my voice, because he sounded apologetic instead of defensive this time. “I’m not sure. I couldn’t get a reservation.”

“I think we’d better find one soon,” I said. “Or maybe a hospital.”

There wasn’t time to get to the hospital. The first hotel we stopped at was full. The receptionist called around to other places, but couldn’t find anywhere nearby. I was obviously not going to make it much longer.

Even the conference rooms were booked with holiday parties, but they made up a bed for me in the laundry room, and I grunted and pushed to the sound of industrial washing machines. Jeanette, one of the house cleaners, lit a gold coloured scented candle and set it on a cart near me. She had just received it in a Secret Santa thing. She said it was myrrh and frankincense and would help me relax. At least it helped to cover up the scent of laundry detergent. They searched their guest records to see if there was a doctor or nurse staying with them, but all they could find was a veterinarian. “Don’t worry,” he said. “I’ve delivered lots of sheep.”

This was not terribly reassuring, but at this point, I was willing to take any help I could get. Every time I looked up, it seemed that more people had gathered around us. Don’t ever give birth if you value your modesty, I’m telling you!

Then I heard his first cry. My son. Everyone was telling me how blessed we were and saying prayers of thanks. I looked up to see Joe holding the child, and he knelt next to me. “I’m sorry I doubted you, Mary. This is the best gift you ever could have given me.” He whispered in my ear.

“But that guy… Gabe…” I blubbered. I’d spent months denying it, but I was too emotional to keep up the lie.

“It doesn’t matter. He’s not here. I am. I’m his father.”

Jeanette helped me wash up and get into clean clothes, while the employees of the inn passed around the baby, looking at him with awe. “It’s a miracle,” I heard more than once.

And it was.

Boobday – My Favourite Bra

Silverdrop rarely wears a bra. One of the affects of her illness is that she can get over-sensitised to things – light, sound, touch etc. For example, we have very high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets on our bed. They are very soft and smooth. Yet sometimes they can feel like sandpaper on her skin.  🙁

Bras can also feel uncomfortable for the same reason. On those occasions when she needs to wear a bra, she chooses something as soft and smooth as possible – no underwire here.

I love her being braless, because I’m a breast man. However, even I can’t complain when the bra she’s wearing looks like this…

Almost not there at all!

Almost not there at all!

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SilverHubby shown at the waist, clothed, his hands holding a collar.

Wicked Wednesday – Semen: Spit or Swallow?

I guess the obvious question here is “Spit or swallow?”.

Silverdrop swallows. With enthusiasm. Even better, she kisses me immediately after I come in her mouth, so I can taste my own cock and spunk on her lips and tongue. I like that. *understatement alert* She has TMJ and cannot suck me from start to orgasm (she once had an emergency trip to the ER with her jaw popped after sucking a former boyfriend). The way we usually handle it is she will use her mouth to start me off. I then take over with my hands, while she plays with my ballls and anus. When I’m close to orgasm, she finishes me off with her mouth, then comes up my body for the aforementioned kiss. We like that. A lot.

Did I mention that I swallow too? I am bisexual pansexual, you see. Have been since I was 15, although I didn’t know the word back then. My best friend B and I got talking late one night and bemoaned the lack of girlfriends in our life. I said something about how it had been weeks since I’d had a blow job. He said something like “Why don’t we give each other one?” I could think of no reason why not and, anyway, we were best friends, we’d have done anything for each other. I did swallow that first time (and on all subsequent occasions) and discovered that I liked the taste, a lot. This was back in the mid 70s that I had a relationship with my best (male) friend. We knew little or nothing about STDs and took no precautions. We got away with it. It saddens me greatly that the only spunk I will ever taste now is my own.  I’m not sure I want to suck a condom-encased cock – I hate the taste.  🙁

When masturbating solo I will often come over my hand and lick it off. Silverdrop likes watching me do that and kisses me afterwards so we can share the taste. We like that. A lot.

Anyway, enough of my burbling.

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SilverHubby shown at the waist, clothed, his hands holding a collar.

Silverdrop’s Hair Growing Adventure

My love has beautiful brunette hair. Several years ago, encouraged by me (I love long hair on a woman), she decided to let it grow and see just how long it would get. “Terminal length” is the point at which hair stops getting any longer. I have been taking a photo every month, so we can be sure that it is still growing. It is.

Still growing!

Still growing!

It takes a great deal of looking after to avoid split ends and knots and I am very happy to help her with it. I wash it for her, blow dry it and help with it generally. We will see where it stops.


The female blogger Silverdrop, shown from shoulders to waist, nude, with her long brown hair covering her breasts.

Our Contraception Journey Part 9: Another Failure

Another Failure

Part 9 of a series. We’ve been through nearly every available contraception method in our efforts to find the right solution for us. Since the last update was posted two weeks ago, we’ve caught up with the present. Now updates will occur as and when circumstances warrant.

A model of a human uterus with a Mirena Intrauterine system in place.

Of course it didn’t work.

I’ve had the Mirena IUS in for 49 days, and bled for 36 of them. Nothing heavy. Just spotting.

Just like my body reacted with the Paraguard IUD, when I kept the thing in for months and months hoping I would adjust.

Neither SilverHubby nor I think it’s worth trying any longer with this one. I’m having the same symptoms as I did before, so it seems likely that my body isn’t going to accept any sort of implant. And there’s still the suspicion that if I get off of hormones completely, perhaps my libido will return and my migraines will lessen.

I’m scheduled to have it taken out before Christmas. And I’ll ask my GP to refer me for female sterilisation. At this point, we have literally tried everything but that.

Part of me expects there will be a medical reason why we can’t have that done either.

God, I hope not.

To be continued…

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