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Our Contraception Journey Part 9: Another Failure

Another Failure

Part 9 of a series. We’ve been through nearly every available contraception method in our efforts to find the right solution for us. Since the last update was posted two weeks ago, we’ve caught up with the present. Now updates will occur as and when circumstances warrant.

A model of a human uterus with a Mirena Intrauterine system in place.

Of course it didn’t work.

I’ve had the Mirena IUS in for 49 days, and bled for 36 of them. Nothing heavy. Just spotting.

Just like my body reacted with the Paraguard IUD, when I kept the thing in for months and months hoping I would adjust.

Neither SilverHubby nor I think it’s worth trying any longer with this one. I’m having the same symptoms as I did before, so it seems likely that my body isn’t going to accept any sort of implant. And there’s still the suspicion that if I get off of hormones completely, perhaps my libido will return and my migraines will lessen.

I’m scheduled to have it taken out before Christmas. And I’ll ask my GP to refer me for female sterilisation. At this point, we have literally tried everything but that.

Part of me expects there will be a medical reason why we can’t have that done either.

God, I hope not.

To be continued…

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