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Wicked Wednesday – Semen: Spit or Swallow?

I guess the obvious question here is “Spit or swallow?”.

Silverdrop swallows. With enthusiasm. Even better, she kisses me immediately after I come in her mouth, so I can taste my own cock and spunk on her lips and tongue. I like that. *understatement alert* She has TMJ and cannot suck me from start to orgasm (she once had an emergency trip to the ER with her jaw popped after sucking a former boyfriend). The way we usually handle it is she will use her mouth to start me off. I then take over with my hands, while she plays with my ballls and anus. When I’m close to orgasm, she finishes me off with her mouth, then comes up my body for the aforementioned kiss. We like that. A lot.

Did I mention that I swallow too? I am bisexual pansexual, you see. Have been since I was 15, although I didn’t know the word back then. My best friend B and I got talking late one night and bemoaned the lack of girlfriends in our life. I said something about how it had been weeks since I’d had a blow job. He said something like “Why don’t we give each other one?” I could think of no reason why not and, anyway, we were best friends, we’d have done anything for each other. I did swallow that first time (and on all subsequent occasions) and discovered that I liked the taste, a lot. This was back in the mid 70s that I had a relationship with my best (male) friend. We knew little or nothing about STDs and took no precautions. We got away with it. It saddens me greatly that the only spunk I will ever taste now is my own.  I’m not sure I want to suck a condom-encased cock – I hate the taste.  🙁

When masturbating solo I will often come over my hand and lick it off. Silverdrop likes watching me do that and kisses me afterwards so we can share the taste. We like that. A lot.

Anyway, enough of my burbling.

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5 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday – Semen: Spit or Swallow?

  1. Bob

    my wife brings me my come too after I come in her mouth. I love it!
    just like you said, I taste my own cock and my own come…awesome.
    we talk together while she is switching back and forth from sucking to stroking.
    she tells me how much she likes me eating my come. I describe it to her. That it is warm,
    salty, thick, and that I swallow my come for her. We both like to talk like that.
    I also like it when she wipes the come that is on me all over my belly and chest.
    no come goes to waste.

  2. John

    I always go down on my wife after sex and have no aversion to tasting myself; it’s a lovely thing to do after sex! 😉

  3. Lord Raven

    defiantly swallow! in the young and dumb (and super lucky) days that was my kink. The couple of guys in my life always told me I was great at BJ’s, probally because their girls sucked…ok bad pun

  4. Marie Rebelle

    Sometimes I like the taste of cum and I enjoy swallowing, other times I really want to spit it out, but I don’t. I’m a good girl, I think 🙂

    Rebel xox

  5. jemima2013

    this reminds me of one time one of my partners and i had a threesome, i got greedy and swllowed all our playmates cum down. Mr jem was not happy and teased me about being greedy all the way home lol

    i think being able to share someones spunk is a wonderful, sexy, and bonding experience.

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