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WickedWednesday – Nice Bodywork

The lovely Rebel set this week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt as writing from the point of view of an old car that has just gotten a new paint job. Photographs also allowed. Not following the prompt at all also allowed.  🙂

Anyway, Silverdrop sometimes points out that her body has changed a great deal in the 11+ years we’ve been together. Apart from the normal ageing process, her disabilities mean she is mostly bed-bound and the resultant lack of exercise makes things “Head south.” as she says.

A couple of days ago, I walked into the room, to find her sitting in our large bay window, reading from her Kindle. She was not trying to tease/tempt me, was she? My point is that I love my wife and her ‘old’ bodywork just as it is, and don’t think she needs a new paint job.

Apologies for the image quality, it was taken in the moment, on the camera phone that was struggling with pointing into the light, with a large darker area in the middle of the shot. I had no time to grab the DSLR.

SD WIndow Reading

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