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SilverHubby shown at the waist, clothed, his hands holding a collar.

Wicked Wednesday – Training to Orgasm on Command

Years ago, when we were still in an a trans-Atlantic LDR, I told Silverdrop that one of my plans once we were permanently together was to train her to orgasm on command. She expressed some disbelief, as I recall. Actually, I think she may have given me a derisory snort.

Setting a sub up for failure is not my way and, anyway, I feel that is a really quick way to send your sub to the BadPlace, and so is to be avoided. So this is how the training went:

  • While fingering SIlverdrop, or using a vibrator on her, I would wait until she was already close to orgasm. At that point I would growl (best way of describing it) “Come now.” into her ear. I used what we refer to as The Command Voice – not raised, just clearly an order. After a handful of these attempts, she would almost always orgasm as I said the words.
  • Next, I would use the phrase “Come now.” earlier in the proceedings i.e. when she was further from her orgasm. A week or two of that and she would usually orgasm as soon as I said the words.
  • The next stage involved me, for example, grabbing her crotch/nipple/whatever and saying the magic words. To her surprise, this soon started to work.
  • Now I can growl “Come now.” into her ear at pretty much any time and she does.

I love being a Dominant and a sadist.

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