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Wicked Wednesday – Were You Nervous?


I have been nervous many times during my life, not least because I served in the Air Force and things can sometimes get err, exciting in that environment. I will, as usual, because I’m a cantankerous git, tackle this prompt with my usual twist.

I wasn’t nervous on the long flight to see you for the first time. Mostly, as always when I fly, I was bored. But there was an interesting undercurrent of excitement that I don’t remember from many previous flights. Were you nervous as you prepared to drive to the airport?

I wasn’t nervous as the plane taxied to the terminal. I looked at the terminal windows, wondering whether you were looking at the planes, wondering which was mine. Were you nervous when you saw my flight status change to “Landed” on the screen?

I wasn’t nervous as I collected my checked bag and went through Customs and Immigration. Were you, as you waited in the terminal, frequently checking the screen for updates to “In Customs” or some other change?

I wasn’t nervous as I walked through the doors into the arrivals area. I was excited. I had been waiting my whole life to meet you, and the moment was here.

I felt nervous when you weren’t sitting where you said you’d be. A momentary panic while I wondered if the strength of our online BDSM dynamic had scared you off and perhaps you hadn’t come. My eyes scanned slowly from left to right in the busy hall, trying to pick you out. There you were, to my far right, sitting reading a book. I started walking towards you just as you looked up, my heart in my mouth. I suddenly realised I was close to tears.

Were you nervous when you looked up and saw me walking towards you, when just moments before the screens said my flight was still in the Customs hall? The look on your face was memorable, to say the least.

That was 12 years ago. We have come a long way, haven’t we, my pretty slave girl?


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