Sinful Sunday – A Captured Moment of ‘Pure’ Pleasure

We had sex today.

“Big deal!” you might say. But when you’re both disabled with painful conditions, it can be quite hard (no intentional pun) to have penetrative sex, or indeed any flavour of sex, with each other. We both often masturbate, usually together, but not always.

This afternoon (Saturday), Silverdrop had the We-Vibe Tango between her labia while I showered. I think she was reading some spanking stories on Literotica.

She announced her butt was available for anal sex, which was something of a “Yehargh!” moment for both of us. She’d already had two orgasms while I showered, which left everything relaxed for anal. Unusually, she didn’t orgasm again from being fucked. This left her in search of her third orgasm of the session and she got the Pure Wand stainless steel dildo out, inserted it, and rocked back and forth on it.

She found her fourth orgasm.

I took this picture afterwards. We think it’s rather good.

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Sinful Sunday

11 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday – A Captured Moment of ‘Pure’ Pleasure

  1. Heaven

    When I checked my email on my cell. I just had to look at this on my cell. I could not wait to get on the computer the title just had me wrapped up in what was going on with this. I read and then was met with that lovely shot. I am glad she was able to get another orgasm they are the best. I am one who has them all the time but the last one really takes the cake.

  2. Mia

    This is just a wonderful image but it is the words that go with it ooze the love that you have for each other despite the difficulties that you have.

    ~Mia~ xx

  3. Jade

    I agree with Stella, I love the imagery, but it is your love and devotion to each other, shining through in your words, that bring me back again and again.

  4. Stella

    You are a very lucky couple to have found each other. I love how through every post, every picture and word you write, your love and commitment to each other shines through.


  5. GrittyWoman

    Gorgeous image. Call me strange, but what I love most is the way her hand is positioned. You can tell this is right after orgasm, when her hand just falls away from the toy, relaxed but still curled slightly after gripping on to the toy during the tension of play. Perfect shot SH!

  6. Twisted Angel

    I am going to have to come here more often. Going from an active sex life to one that rarely occurs because both of us sustained injuries in a car wreck last year. His worse than mine. I have found myself so frustrated because he is often not up to any kind of sex. If we do get frisky one wrong move ends it for him sending everything into shutdown. The imagery is beautiful and breathtaking and I love that you let me know sex can be enjoyed by both with some modifications. I am hoping the injections he is going to get help alleviate his pain in some measure. I hate seeing him in pain.

  7. Molly

    Your honesty about your relationship and the difficulties that you overcome with such grace and love for one another is very special. Oh and yes the image is ‘rather good’ too


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