SilverHubby shown at the waist, clothed, his hands holding a collar.

FebPhotoFest – Day 13: The Toys We Use. Part 2

Back on day three of the madness that is FebPhotoFest, I posted a photograph of Silverdrop’s red butt after I had used The Tawse Of Severe Nastiness on it. Well, here it is. Heavy leather, thick, weighty and somewhat unforgiving.

Again I ask: wouldn’t sex toys sell better when posed against a butt this awesome?

Click for large, hi-res goodness.

The culprit.

The culprit.

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6 thoughts on “FebPhotoFest – Day 13: The Toys We Use. Part 2

  1. Flip

    I love the tawse, and this looks especially inviting…or should I say that butt looks like an invitation to use the tawse πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰


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