SilverHubby shown at the waist, clothed, his hands holding a collar.

FebPhotoFest (and Sinful Sunday) – Day 16: Waiting

My love now has very long hair. She often braids it, which I think makes her look even prettier. Yesterday, I collared her with the red leather collar and heart shaped lock that also fits her main collar. I then blindfolded her with her silver scarf. Yes, she can see out a little – that was intentional.

I told her to sit on the edge of the bed and wait. She did. She is a good girl.

Then I got some toys ready to use on her. Yes, she has leggings on. She’s going commando underneath them. Again, because she’s my good girl.

How many of you are wondering what happened next?  😉

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19 thoughts on “FebPhotoFest (and Sinful Sunday) – Day 16: Waiting

  1. Lori&Hubby

    I love how at peace she looks. Sounds like this is leading into a great story.

  2. Mia

    There is a serenity here of someone who waits with anticipation but also with complete trust! Lovely image!

    ~Mia~ xx

  3. ladypandorah

    I quite like the scarf – such a tease when you know you should keep your eyes closed but you can’t help but peek.

    Like Molly, I admire the peaceful sense of anticipation SilverDrop has.


  4. Flip

    I always wonder what happens next with your photos, and this is no different. Anticipation is one of the greatest thrills there is….love this shot

    Flip x

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