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WickedWednesday: Three Wishes? No Thank you.

Today’s WickedWednesday prompt is “What Would You Do With Three Wishes?”.

First, some preamble. I’m good at that. And a statement that this is not a pityfest, really not.

Some time ago, somebody asked Silverdrop what she would do with 24 hours of being completely fit and healthy again. Her answer was something along the lines of “I’d refuse it.”. Why did she say this? Why am I in complete agreement with her? It’s actually quite simple: because knowing that everything would go back to normal (pain, fatigue, sensory overload and more) after the 24 hours is such an emotionally painful thought that neither of us would want the gift.

That may sound crazy to fit and healthy people, but I suspect people living with pain might understand.

From the outside, especially to people who have never met us, our lives might look pretty shitty. We’re in the house most of the time (our car, purchased new a year ago, has just 3,100 miles on the clock), both in pain, Silverdrop also has chronic fatigue thrown into that mix. We couldn’t even make it 30 miles to the launch of the new Cara Sutra selection last week, although we really, really wanted to.

But you know what? We’re both happy, positive, giving and loving people (not just to each other). We get on with, and love our life, because what’s the alternative? Nothing palatable, thankyouverymuch.

So three wishes? No thanks. I’d give them to somebody else, because the the thought of what to do with them is just too painful, and shines a light into corners of our health issues that we sort of ignore because it is too emotionally hurtful to think about them in any detail.


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4 thoughts on “WickedWednesday: Three Wishes? No Thank you.

  1. Beauty's Punishment

    I would want to give my wishes to my wife, or wish them for her. She has chronic exhaustion which is made worse by stress. Then it just snow balls from there. I wanted to write about exactly what for my wishes, but she doesn’t want me telling the whole world. Being sick makes her feel weak and not strong like she wants to be for me.

    Thank you for sharing about yourselves, I do appreciate it.

  2. Molly

    To be honest when I saw the prompt the nearly wrote something along these lines. I would not know what to do with 3 wishes and in some ways it feels like I am saying what I have is not quite good enough when it fact it is pretty damn perfect. In the end I had to post my Kink of the Week because of lack of time but actually I think it sums up just how happy life is and wishing for something more would seem to dull that just a little


  3. Marie Rebelle

    This is such a touching post, and even though I don’t live in pain daily, I totally understand why you would refuse the three wishes. I have so much respect for you two!

    Rebel xox

  4. SassyCat

    You have an interesting and unique take on the 3 wishes thing. I don’t think I’ve heard any one give an answer like this one. Happy Wicked Wednesday 🙂

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