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SilverHubby shown at the waist, clothed, his hands holding a collar.

WickedWednesday: Hunger

So WickedWednesday’s prompt is “Hunger.”


How I hunger for you…

  • … when you give me the smile that is reserved exclusively for me. The one that can light up the room.
  • … when I collar you at night (something we do every night) and your body immediately submits to me. Yes, dear reader, a physical reaction to collaring that is difficult to describe, but beautiful to see.
  • … when I think of you and the hunger to devour you, body and soul, becomes overwhelming.
  • … when you look at me, still deep in subspace, after a scene. The look is of total submission, trust, love etc. And sometimes confusion too, if you are very deep
  • … when I see your body. Doesn’t matter whether you are fully clothed/partially clothed or naked.
  • … when I think what we are to each other and what we have been through to be together.
  • … when I watch your face when you are asleep and completely relaxed.
  • … when I see your throat, just before I collar you symbolically by grabbing you there.

Hmm, typing this has awoken the hunger.


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