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WickedWednesday: Hotel

The lovely Rebel has set “Hotel” as this week’s WickedWednesday prompt.

We were in a trans-Atlantic LDR for almost two years at the beginning of our relationship. This meant a lot of flights in and out of the US and into Heathrow. We met on the Interwebz back when that was relatively unusual – yes, we’re middle-aged old farts now.

We have both written more about how we fell in love without ever having met in 3D before on here, so I won’t repeat that part. What I will write about for the first time is the first time we had (non-cyber) sex. Silverdrop’s apartment was an hours long drive from the airport, and there was no way we wanted to wait that long for sex, so she’d booked us a hotel room right by the airport.

It was winter and there was snow and ice on the ground. The hotel had only one room left on the ground floor and that had a heater that was due for maintenance AKA bearings in the fan shot, making it very noisy.

We didn’t care. I have some very vivid memories of that hotel room:-

  • Coming out of the shower to find you, legs wide open, waiting for me on the bed.
  • Me being so erect it fucking hurt and the relief I felt after pouncing on you and fucking you hard with no foreplay. Not that you minded, you were very wet and as horny as I was.
  • Me being so excited I thought I would come within a couple of strokes. I held myself under such rigid control that I didn’t come at all that first fuck. You did, several times, at “Somebody call the cops!” volume.
  • Sitting in the armchair, you on your knees after being collared for the first time.
  • In that same armchair, demonstrating how an uncut cock worked – you’d never seen one before. I remember the look of wonder as you watched – followed by the look of lust after I ordered you to suck it.
  • I remember how comfortable we were with each other from the beginning. Not just the sex, but also the normal everyday stuff of doing things together.

There were other hotel rooms for a couple of years, until we could finally be together forever, but I remember that first one the most vividly.


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6 thoughts on “WickedWednesday: Hotel

  1. Molly

    Just perfect. Reminded me of my first time with M, also in a hotel in the USA…. such wonderful happy memories


  2. Serafina

    First memories that stay so vivid makes for a lot of good-time memories. And great friendship is the best foundation.

  3. Heaven

    Just goes to show the conditions in which you were in does not keep you from being close with your partner. Glad you guys enjoyed your first time together.

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