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SilverHubby shown at the waist, clothed, his hands holding a collar.

WickedWednesday: Going Dutch (or not)

WickedWednesday is all about going Dutch. Hmm.

Brain not gaining traction with this one. Hmm.


Something like twenty years ago, before I met Silverdrop but was still married to my first wife, I had an affair with B. We were on different continents and, although I travelled regularly on business, we could not get together physically more than 2-3 times a year. Those times were memorable, not least because she taught me that the one thing that (by this stage anyway) kept me in my marriage was complete bollocks i.e. that other women would not find me attractive.

B and I were very different people though. We were 100% compatible sexually, but our lives, politics, dreams etc. were very different. So I think we both understood that it couldn’t last. But we loved each other. A small part of me will always love her – I wonder whether she feels the same way?

Some of you will remember the dot.com implosion that happened in Silicon Valley back in 2000 and beyond. I was one of many caught up in that. I stopped off at B’s for a long weekend on my way back to the UK after an unsuccessful job hunting trip. We went out to dinner one night, gently insisting that she was paying. I tried to insist that we would pay half each – going Dutch. But, because she knew I was between contracts, she insisted that the meal was on her. She never raised her voice. She was a sub, and my collared sub when we were together, but she had a mind of her own (thankfully – I can’t imagine being with someone who doesn’t), and would not be persuaded.

So I gave in gracefully, and beat her for it later.  🙂

So I guess this ramble through my memories is actually about not going Dutch. I wonder whether Rebel will forgive me?


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