SinfulSunday: When I Am Laid in Earth…

… I want my old tech light sabre to go with me.

I am not Aeneas, and would not do what he did to Dido. Even though the story is from when Rome was looking for its foundation myth and an explanation for why they stomped Carthage several times over many years.

Basically, the Romans sort of considered themselves as descendants of Troy – Aeneas supposedly being a prince who escaped the destruction of Troy at the end of the Trojan War. He, his men and ships, stopped off at Carthage, where Dido was queen. She tried to stop him leaving by seducing him. If he had not left anyway, leaving her to an awful death, Rome would never have been founded by him. This, allegedly, is why Rome hated Carthage so much.

Anyway, I love Dido’s Lament from Purcell’s opera, Dido and Aeneas.


I prefer the military band instrumental version, as heard every year at the Cenotaph in London, during the Remembrance Day service.


I seem to be feeling blue tonight – sorry about that.

So, me and my light sabre, ready to be laid in earth. May the fourth be with you.

Clickety-click for larger version.

SS Knight 4 May

Going for the Knight effigy carved in stone on top of the tomb.

This is an entry for the SinfulSunday prompt: All About the Men. So come on guys, if I can get this broke body out, you can too.


And click below to see who else is being sinful this Sunday.

Sinful Sunday

49 thoughts on “SinfulSunday: When I Am Laid in Earth…

  1. Molly

    This is a very classic pose that for many centuries certainly encompassed masculinity. History doesn’t really have a female version of this. There are some images of warrior women but not in the same numbers there are for men


    ps… and I hope the ‘blues’ pass soon

  2. Marie Rebelle

    I love your classic pose, like the way you have created and shared this post and your thoughts. And I just love ‘May the fourth be with you.’!

    Rebel xox

  3. Cara Sutra

    Ooh great post. Very thoughtful and sombre, yet still so corporeally arousing. Also reminds me of Molly’s sword pic last week. Thank you

  4. Pandora

    Perfect take on masculinity and May the Fourth! I like the photo too – the way the sword hides your cock, the focus on hands and feet, and the anonymity. It ties in to my thoughts about “masculinity” as a social role that subsumes the personal self…

  5. Cammies on the Floor

    “May the Fourth be with you,” is something I hear so often from my fellow nerdy friends that I smiled, despite the overall blue tone. I hope you cheer soon.
    It is romanticized, the knight on the tomb, being buried with his sword. I hope to also be buried with my favorite sword.
    And your military version of the video touched me, as is often the case when you refer to the military. Being a military wife is such a sappy, emotional journey; and it makes me want to personally meet you all the more so that I can express my gratitude for your sacrifice.

  6. Mia

    I love the tradition behind this image and the perspective of it. I hope the blue mood ends soon for you.

    ~Mia~ xx

  7. Renee

    A great pose which includes a slight view of your manliness but it also leaves a lot to the imagination.

  8. kinkymom

    love it this photo says a million words all at once, strong, masculine, in charge and on and on and on…

  9. Jane

    Do you know, you almost EXACTLY resemble the old knight statue in the church near my old house in England. Minus the armour he was wearing, off course! 🙂 Spooky! Jane xxx

  10. Maria

    This is really beautiful. The songs you posted added a bittersweet mood to the photo. My favorite part though, is the way your wedding ring shines so brightly from the image.

  11. John

    Sorry to hear of your blues.

    When I go, I’d like to be lobbed into the nearest furness to light up the town for a few seconds. But failing that, a massive funeral pyre of timbers, logs and dildos. Best not to ask.

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