SinfulSunday: Red Panties and a surprise

SinfulSunday is upon us again. It’s been a busy week but, somewhat fortunately, I had a left over photograph from our Boobday shoot. A rather naughty pic that you can find here (this Blog) and here (Hy’s Blog, with other lovely breasts).

Silverdrop has a great butt, don’t you think?

Clickety-click for larger version.

I have a dildo, and I know how to use it.

I have a dildo, and I know how to use it.


And click below to see who else is being sinful this Sunday.

Sinful Sunday

19 thoughts on “SinfulSunday: Red Panties and a surprise

  1. Beck

    I love the coy and shyness you display by covering your face, but then you show your bum in those hot red panties. Sexy!

  2. Cara Sutra

    Spank spank spank! That’s what I want to do! Heehee

    Lovely naughty red panties – and that dildo! Well, I have a few ideas of my own 😀

  3. Heaven

    Oh yes she does, and that toy she has is awesome. It looks like she is going to began play or just finished and is tired.

  4. Lori

    I love red panties! Very nice arrears.
    And just what is she going to do with that dildo……. Xx HUGS lori

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