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SinfulSunday: A Bit of Legs

Earlier this week, ‘cos we ran out of time to write anything, we put up my love’s leg for WickedWednesday.

Well, Silverdrop often takes a nap after her afternoon bath, so I work in our hobby room (sounds grand, but it’s just the lounge, which we don’t need, converted for something we do).

I check up on her every so often, of course. She must have got hot in her sleep, ‘cos she threw all the covers off, giving me the opportunity to get this shot for SinfulSunday. I like the black and white one best, which means it should have been in last week’s SinfulSunday. Ah well. I’m pretty sure Molly won’t berate me too much for being AVeryBadMan.

Doesn’t she have great legs? Hmm, actually, she has great everything. I am a lucky man.

Clickety-click for larger version.

All the legs.

All the legs.

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