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WickedWednesday: The Day Before You Came

I used to be jealous.

What of?

WARNING: squishy stuff alert.  🙂

I used to be jealous of:-

  • The looks I saw some people who were obviously romantically involved giving each other.
  • Friends who spoke of the emptiness they felt when they were away from their other halves.
  • People who spoke about how supporting their partner was.
  • People who couldn’t wait to see their partner again.
  • Couples who held hands all the time.
  • The loving smiles, looks and touches exchanged between some couples.
  • People who spoke of how welcoming their sexual partners were in bed.
  • Men who were open about their bisexuality (or pansexuality as I think of myself today).
  • People who had the strength to walk away when they finally acknowledged there was no point in staying in a loveless relationship.
  • Those who were capable of expressing their emotions to their partner.
  • Those who said they could talk with their partner about anything in the world. Even the hard relationship stuff that comes up for us all from time to time.

But all of this was happening up until the day before you came into my life.

The routine day sung about so beautifully in this song is quite unlike how mindless mine was back then. But the emotion, the emptiness just slays me – even now, although it isn’t as strong, being just a memory.


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