WickedWednesday: Your Prompt is Not My Prompt…

… sorry Rebel, found no inspiration from the WickedWednesday prompt.

But here is an old photo (hence the quality) which shows nothing, but suggests everything

What do you think is going on out of camera shot?

Silverdrop loves her ankles being grabbed.

Silverdrop loves her ankles being grabbed.


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5 thoughts on “WickedWednesday: Your Prompt is Not My Prompt…

  1. Flip

    Ha! what a fabulous image, and it gives us but a mere glimpse of what *might* be going on.

    Kind of in keeping with the theme, Silverdrop’s love of being ankle grabbed is my love of being held, tightly, by the wrist. It can, on occasion, lead to an almost immediate subspace type feeling, and I love it.

    Great post

    Flip x

  2. Modesty Ablaze

    Oohh!!! Do you KNOW what ??? I absolutely LOVE my ankles being massaged right there !!!
    One of my lovers once told me that it is related to my ovaries and should create arousal . . . but I actually find it SO, So, arousing!!!
    This is lovely . . . I’m going to request an ankle massage as soon as Hubby is home!!!!
    Xxx – K

  3. Heaven

    Looks like you are in her and have her ankles up by her head. What a amazing shot!

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