SinfulSunday: What Happened Next?

No prizes for guessing, but street cred. will accrue to those supplying funny/original/rude answers.

Clickety-click for larger version.




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Sinful Sunday

33 thoughts on “SinfulSunday: What Happened Next?

  1. Muse

    Oh crap. Now I have 24 hours from Tulsa on the brain.

    “oooh only, one day away from you arrrrrrrrrrrr….

  2. Penny

    Silverdom proceeded to spank himself and dance around singing I’m a slut…that’s where my imagination went, lol.

  3. Flip

    Sorry Molly, I *teaspewed* at your comment 😀

    As for the pic I’m going to assume that SD ended up with TULS imprinted on his arse :p

  4. Molly

    This shot really messed with my head, I found myself trying to turn my screen upside down to work out why it looked so wrong…. very you.


    As for what happened next, I could image myself saying to Sir in one of my not so bright moments… what does TULS stand for?

  5. Heaven

    Looks like someone was a bad girl and in order to show it you got the slut paddle out to embarrass her.

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