SinfulSunday: I Think I Detect a Pattern

Silverdrop, who has had a more sheltered life than I have *understatement alert*, recently asked me how many lovers I have had in my lifetime. Well, Laura Antoniou’s definition of sex is something like “Any activity that increases the likelihood of orgasm.” That’s pretty sweeping, as flirting is on that continuum at one end, with full-on, let’s have something penetrating something until all of us (hopefully) orgasm at the other. NOTE: I do not, and haven’t since I was around 19, think an orgasm is a necessary for good sex.

Anyway, if we limit “lover” to those people who I have had some sort of sexual act with, from early teenage dry humping to the full and varied sex life I have now. I think the answer is somewhere between 15 and 20, one man (well, we were 15 and 16), the rest women. Silverdrop thinks this makes me a slut, bless her.

So, dear reader, you might be wondering (assuming I haven’t bored you into clicking away already) what the point of this blathering is. Yes, there is one, I promise.

I have had lovers of all shapes and sizes but, looking back, there are more Rubenesque lovers in my history than slim people.

Methinks this constitutes a pattern.

This picture was taken last night. I get erect looking at it.


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SS 20 Jul 14


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20 thoughts on “SinfulSunday: I Think I Detect a Pattern

  1. John

    Surely “slut shaming” is from a bygone era? Well, The Daily Mail at least.

    Do numbers matter?

    But patterns are good; worry what some of mine say about me.

    1. SilverHubby Post author


      I’m sorry for not being clearer. When either of us use the word “slut”, we mean it a 100% this-is-a-compliment kind of way.

  2. kinkybikermom

    Indeed she is VERY beautiful love the image of her body, and you may very well qualify for slut status lol but if you do I do also 😉

  3. Heaven

    What a great set of curves going on in this pic, I see why you would get erect looking at it.

  4. Cara Sutra

    Oh jeez then I am most definitely a slut.

    In other news, what a fantastically erotic photo! I want to be there, pressing skin upon skin. -soft growls-


  5. SassyCat

    When I read your numbers, I thought to myself “I must be a total whore/slut.” Those double standards of women & men and having lots of sex partners.
    I too have issues with my curves and weight. It’s men like you who assist their wives, partners in that difficult area of acceptance of their body image.
    Silverdrop looks sensuous laying there.

  6. Penny

    Silverdrop is beautiful! And I love way you’ve captured her beauty in this image, the composition and lighting are lovely!

  7. Mia Sinclair

    Let Silverdrop know that 15 to 20 is nothing!! Add zeros to the end and you have my ex lol!!!

    Anyway now to this beautiful image and it is absolutely gorgeous and I can see why you would get erect!

    ~Mia~ xx

  8. SpaceBunny

    Very lovely curves and there is nothing wrong with liking a pattern especially when the one you are currently with is in that pattern 🙂

  9. Molly

    She should talk to my husband if she thinks that is high numbers. Having read this I have asked him to write a post on his ‘slut’ years so we shall see if that happens but due to a very odd set of circumstances his numbers are rather higher than yours…..

    As for the image, beautifully sensual and I can completely see why it gets a response from you


  10. Marie Rebelle

    Gorgeous curves 🙂

    I’m still up and down with accepting my curves. I know my Husband loves them and that I should too, but there are days that I just want them gone. Thankfully the days that I accept them are more than those bad days.

    Rebel xox

  11. Jane

    Oh, my. She is very beautiful indeed. And patterns are all good – they tell us what floats our boats. 🙂 Jane xxx

  12. Curvaceous Dee

    I can see why you would! I have an increase of saliva production – it’s a body shape I find intensely appealing (and knowing this particular body is Silverdrop’s simply adds to that).

    xx Dee

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