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WickedWednesday: Life Signs



Hmm, WickedWednesday again. Interesting prompt.

I shall talk to myself.

STOP: “Stop worrying about what the next bad piece of medical news for either of you might be and get on with living.”

YIELD: “Do not yield to the little voice that sometimes tells you it’s just too much effort and you should give up.”

GIVE WAY: “Do give way to the urge to let go of the things you absolutely cannot change. This will give you more energy for the things you can.”

70 (mph – motorway speed limit in UK): “You want to live well past three score years and ten, don’t you? So focus. Don’t let the bastards grind you down.”

30 (mph – usual in-town speed limit in UK): “I know you were fit and healthy at 30, but that ain’t coming back. Accept it, dude.”

Danger, men at work: “Your whole life, including Silverdrop’s, is a work in progress. One day at a time.”

I think that gives a general flavour of where I’m at. How are you guys all doing?


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