SinfulSunday: This is a Very Nice View.

IMNVHO (In My Not very Humble Opinion) you understand.

We both keep our pubes trimmed close and short, but not shaved. Neither of us has skin that takes wet shaving very well, and are both too wimpy to get full Brazilians.  🙂

Yesterday I trimmed Silverdrop close. She offered herself to me (and to you), for Sinful Sunday.

Oh! You want a picture of my shaven self? Well, you’ll just have to control yourselves until next week, when I return to the theme I started last year of more cock men in Sinful Sunday. I shall also get the DSLR out and see what I can do in terms of quality.


Clickety-click for hi-res goodness!

Nice view!

Nice view!


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Sinful Sunday

14 thoughts on “SinfulSunday: This is a Very Nice View.

  1. MariaSibylla

    This is such a gorgeous photo! I love the angle of her legs and the sensual peek we get. There’s something really erotic about the way she is holding the top of her thigh, like she can’t help but touch herself, but also like an invitation.

  2. Heaven

    I am happy to see you guys back, wow you did an amazing job for a close shave.

  3. Jane

    Superb grooming skills, I must say. Although you’re working with excellent material in the first place :-). Brazilians? I actually don’t find them too bad. I find having my legs waxed – particularly around the ankles – far (far) worse! Jane xxx

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