SinfulSunday: “Spank me, please Master.”

Some foolish types might consider Silverdrop to have been topping from the bottom when she said this. She had got into this position while I was in the bathroom one night recently, and said the words as I came into the room.

I do not consider it topping from the bottom, do you?


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Silverdrop has a really great butt.

Silverdrop has a really great butt.


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20 thoughts on “SinfulSunday: “Spank me, please Master.”

  1. Molly

    No, it is communicating her desire. You then have the choice as to whether you wish to do it. Of course if you do it only because she is asking and not because you consider her request and decide you want to give her what she wants then you would in fact be bottoming from the top *grins


  2. Malflic

    A a Top who likes direct requests given my mind reading skills are sub par (or nonexistent) I may be a bad judge of topping from the bottom but I think the suggestive pose and the ask is far from it.

    Now I certainly do hope you granted her request and spanked that gorgeous bottom!

  3. Miss July

    Definitely not topping from the bottom. Just merrily being ready for what she wants by being in position, panties off, using her voice too to verbalize as well. It’s a good way to get what she wants as you can’t read her mind.

    Either way it’s sexy that she was ready for you when you came back.

    xxx Miss July xxx

  4. Velvet Rose

    From my perspective “topping from bottom” is where a sub subversively attempts to get what she wants from her Dom/Master.

    Here Silverdrop has made a request to you and you, as her Dom/Master, makes the decision as to whether you grant her request or not, so in my opinion not “topping from the bottom”. The pureists out there will probably disagree, however, each couple as their own way of “running” their M/D/s relationship and it is what works for them that is important and how they communicate that.

    Silverdrop’s bottom, I could quite happily sink my teeth into – gorgeous!

    Velvet x

  5. Cammies on the Floor

    I hate that term “topping from the bottom”. And honestly, even if she hadn’t said the words, if she posed this way and greeted your view, the message would be just as strong.

  6. Alice King

    To me the manner she asked is far from topping from the bottom. Nothing wrong with a sub asking. The decision is was still totally up to you as to if she deserved it.

    Also, voicing one’s needs/wants is part of the communication needed for any D/s relationship to work

  7. Flip

    No, not topping from below at all. I can make a request to Sir, and it’s up to him as to whether or not he agrees, ultimately he has authority.
    Submissive’s have needs/wishes/desires same as anyone else, voicing them isn’t to be frowned upon…not IMO anyway.

    To those foolish enough to suggest TFB in this situation I afford them a two finger salute 😀


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