SinfulSunday: After the bath is over…

… Silverdrop needs to relax for a while. The bath itself, with loads of Epsom salts (we buy food grade in 10kg bags!), is very relaxing. But the physical effort of getting out of it is a real problem. It leaves her exhausted and in pain.

I took this after her bath a couple of days ago, as she lay reading from her Kindle. She is completely naked, but nothing overtly sexual is on show. I think this shot is erotic and HotAsAllHellAndThenSome.

What do you think?

Clickety-click for larger version.

Lovely long legs.

Lovely long legs.

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28 thoughts on “SinfulSunday: After the bath is over…

  1. Jane

    It is *very* erotic. The quiet intimacy of it is utterly delightful – as is Silverdrop and your obvious love for her. Jane xxx

  2. Stella

    I think this is a very beautiful and sensual picture of a very beautiful and lovely Silverdrop.


  3. KaziG

    Lovely perspective!
    I recently found Epsom with lavender… heady stuff! Quite relaxing… I’m sorry that all gets negated by the pain after! {{hugs}}

    ~Kazi xxx

  4. The Other Livvy

    What a wonderful photo. She looks so comfortable and at ease with herself – and that is always beautiful. Xxx

  5. Flip

    That is a beautiful image, tranquility and serenity despite the pain. I love this, really, it’s gorgeous


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