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SinfulSunday: Day 1

Silverdrop is in the US for the next three weeks – her annual trip to see her family. She has to be able to lay down when flying, and we can’t afford 2 tickets at more than US $ 3k each.

We miss each other like crazy of course. But the other side of the coin is that it is also a three week holiday for me. Caring for somebody is hard work, and its nice to be able to chill. Does that make sense?

Anyway, I use various tactics to distract myself from the fact that she is not here for us to be sinful together. Here is day 1:-

  1. Set bread maker to produce a loaf of crusty white bread an hour before estimated wake up time (it’s harder to slice when fresh out of the tin).
  2. Cut two slices thickly.
  3. Toast until screaming hot.
  4. Add butter to taste.
  5. Apply a good, slightly bitter, orange marmalde. I am using a tart Seville orange one here.
  6. Consume.
  7. Return to end of step 5 before you’ve eaten it all and cannot get a piccie.


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14 thoughts on “SinfulSunday: Day 1

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  2. Flip

    Euch, marmalade! Going to have to start calling you Paddington *grins*

    Seriously though, you must miss each other terribly, but yes, you do need to recharge in the interim. I hope you’ve managed to have some luck in sorting out SilverDrop’s wheelchair too


  3. sub-Bee

    Needing a break makes complete sense to me, caring for someone is both physically and emotionally exhausting. I’m glad you’re enjoying the finer things in life whilst recharging those batteries 😉

  4. Heaven

    Sorry to hear you are by yourself, but that is why they have technology for. Skype is good to use and talking on the phone and of course you have to keep yourself occupied too. She will be home before you know it, by the way that bread looks yummy!

  5. Molly

    I know that you will miss her terribly but embrace your time alone to focus on nourishing yourself. After all, you can not care for her if your ‘Dom Jeans’ are exhausted


  6. Exposing 40

    It makes perfect sense that you need a ‘holiday’. There is not enough understanding of the challenges facing carers, and there’s also an insulting suggestion that admitting to needing a break somehow equals diminished responsibility/lack of love. BOLLOCKS! I hope Silverdrop enjoys her family time, and that you enjoy your downtime. How sweet the reunion will be! Xx

  7. Malflic

    A man after my own heart baking bread. I do the same thing when left home alone. If you start naming pasta seek professional help. I didn’t and now own more kitchen accessories than is reasonable.

  8. Marie Rebelle

    It definitely makes sense that you have holiday too. Take care of yourself, and I bet you both look forward to the day Silverdrop returns 🙂

    Rebel xox

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