SinfulSunday: Memories

Do you find, as we do, that some memories can be bitter sweet?

Today’s picture is of Silverdrop – forgive the crude filter, no faces – from around 15 years ago. This was before disability crept up on her and slowly took away many of her physical abilities. For that reason, this picture is both happy and sad in its effect on us when we look at it today.

She’s beautiful in this shot, isn’t she?

She’s beautiful now, too.  🙂



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18 thoughts on “SinfulSunday: Memories

  1. MariaSibylla

    She is a beautiful woman, then and always. The fact that you glorify your past together and your present and your future is really wonderful to witness.

  2. SassyCat

    Yes, beautiful as always. Looking back is so much fun, yet at the end of the laughter there is that sigh. Perhaps a thought of “those were the days.”
    Thanks for sharing a lovely moment.

  3. Flip

    Your posts always inspire an emotional response in me, SD…..your adoration of Silverdrop always gives me goosebumps.
    The bittersweet I understand….and from here on in I have no more words, because emotion gets the better of me.

    Flip xxx

  4. Stella

    It is wonderful that you have all those photos to go back to and reminisce about all the wonderful times and things you have done together over the years. I sometimes look back and get a little twinge of sadness wishing I had the same healthy body I had years ago, but I would much rather have what I have now with all the knowledge and understanding and confidence in myself that only comes with age.

    Your photos of Silverdrop are always so beautiful and not just because she is beautiful, which she is, but because your love for her shows through. Your love is the filter through which we see every image.


  5. Exposing 40

    Oh, your memory posts alway make my heart lurch a little. I love that they make you happy, but am always sorry that they are a painful reminder of how life has changed. Yes, Silverdrop looks beautiful her, but what is alway most beautiful is the bond between you. Xxx

  6. Ima Godiva

    Very pretty. And beautiful now too.

    It seems almost universal for people to wish they could turn back time, in terms of looks, and physical ability, even if they’re not disabled (but disability obviously adds another dimension to it). I wish our society was better at embracing differences (aging, different body types and colors, disability) as unique facets of beauty instead of detracting from beauty. Of course, that would put a lot of plastic surgeons out of business…not to mention weight loss gimmick companies and similar shams…etc.

  7. Molly

    She is indeed beautiful, then and now…. and I do understand bittersweet memories, very very well


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