SinfulSunday: EvilMeanNasty

I have a geeky hobby that involves me having top quality Swan-Morton blades and handles – they make high end surgical instruments.

I got a new toy yesterday. It’s designed for picking up teeny-tiny things.

I am going to find out later today (Friday I’m writing this post) how it works on nipples.

And the clitoris.

I may add to this post before Sunday.

I can release the pressure slowly, or very quickly.

I can release the pressure slowly, or very quickly.

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16 thoughts on “SinfulSunday: EvilMeanNasty

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  2. sub-Bee

    Now that looks interesting, in fact I just showed it to Sir, saw his face and then wondered why I do that to myself *sigh

  3. SassyCat

    Oh My!!!!
    We have one of those tools, NEVER thought about using it on nipples or even a clit!!!
    I’m curious to read how it works out.

  4. Marie Rebelle

    We have nipple clamps that have those kind of scary things on the end. I have an image of it lined up for a future Sinful Sunday…

    How did it work on nipples and the clitoris? Did SilverDrop like it?

    Rebel xox

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