SinfulSunday: Where the Magic Happens

Participating in Sinful Sunday two weeks in a row? Woo hoo!

I shall leave this here without further comment.

Clickety-click for larger version.

Where the magic happens.

Where the magic happens.

Click below to see who else is being sinful this Sunday…

Sinful Sunday

16 thoughts on “SinfulSunday: Where the Magic Happens

  1. MariaSibylla

    Yay! I’m circling back to commenting on last week’s photos next, so let me just say, So glad to see you back! And my oh my does that fabric look flimsy! It’s positively straining at the seams, isn’t it? 🙂

  2. Flip

    I really shouldn’t be giggling, but I totally did. I blame Molly’s tweet *nods* :p

    Good to see you back on SS 🙂

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