SinfulSunday: My Toy, Mt. Nipple

My love has  great tits, and very nice nipples. Wouldn’t you agree?

While there is no toy in this shot, I play with Silverdrop’s nipples regularly, so fulfilling this week’s prompt. Yes, Molly?  😛

BTW. her nipple is so red because I gave it a hard pinch just before taking this shot. *evil grin*

Clickety-click for very hi-res.

Oh my!

Oh my!

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Sinful Sunday

13 thoughts on “SinfulSunday: My Toy, Mt. Nipple

  1. Hope Always

    An interactive toy 🙂 works for me every time.
    And yes your love does have great tits, and very nice nipples, which are very responsive if the lovey image is anything to go on 🙂

  2. Molly

    Absolutely, totally counts…. after all toys mean different things to different people and if you like playing with it (and I can totally see why) then that is all that matters


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