SilverHubby shown at the waist, clothed, his hands holding a collar.

SinfulSunday: A Piece of Me: Pt. 2

This is a follow-on from a previous look at my denim jacket here.

It tells you some more about me and my view of the world.


Me 1

PS. Back to Silverdrop being naked next week.  😉

PPS. We made last week’s roundup.

Click below to see who else is being sinful this Sunday…

Sinful Sunday

8 thoughts on “SinfulSunday: A Piece of Me: Pt. 2

  1. mariasibylla

    I love the way symbols and phrases can tell us so much about a person, how they can tell a story of a life. in your case, a beautiful and well lived one.

  2. Hope Always

    It is the little details that tell us most about us.

    This confirms to me you are the loyal, caring and wonderfully perverted person I perceive you to be .

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