SinfulSunday: Colourful Endings

So I’ve been having fun with the new camera. I have noticed that it can get a little over-excited with primary colours in its standard mode. Sometimes this is a GoodThing.

Clickety-click for hi-res goodness.


I’ve been playing with depth of field – I am out of practice. I focused on the tasselled ends for this shot. I love the difference in detail the jump from 6.8 to 18 megapixels brings.

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Sinful Sunday

14 thoughts on “SinfulSunday: Colourful Endings

  1. SassyCat

    Beautiful bright colors. I can relate to the being out of practice, but we know the more you practice the better we get….dont give up.

  2. Molly

    Try lowering the depth of field even more if you really want to get the blurred back ground effect. f4.5 will really change things in that regard. Also try changing the white balance to control the colours. You can set it for tungsten and florescent lighting. Drop me a message if you want a little lesson


  3. Rebecca

    Looks like the camera practice is making perfect shots! I absolutely adore the vibrant colours on this photograph

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