FebPhotoFest 2017, Day 12 & SinfulSunday: Poised

My hands (which look so old to my eyes – not to mention a bit broken) are here poised to type. Is it a DM to you? Is it sexy? It might be. It often is.

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Poised to write.

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20 thoughts on “FebPhotoFest 2017, Day 12 & SinfulSunday: Poised

  1. eye

    I have the same thoughts at photos of my hands. I like the story being told here thought. It sends my imagination off spinning tales.

  2. Molly

    I agree with others, there is something about the brightness of the wedding band that makes it the story in this image


  3. Rebecca

    I too noticed the wedding band, but I wondered what was going to be typed what words were in the mind ready to be conveyed?

  4. Elliott Henry

    That gave me pause to look at my hands. Something we cannot change and just be glad they still work.

    Sexy? Yes, in thinking what your hands can do… and have done.

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