FebPhotoFest 2017, Day 7: Abstract

A new camera + Adobe Lightroom means I’m going through a steep learning curve. [understatement alert]

Silverdrop has a great arse, and the editing here reduces it (no pun intended) to its fundamental elements. We like it.

Clickety-click for larger version.

Light, Shadow, and Lines.

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5 thoughts on “FebPhotoFest 2017, Day 7: Abstract

  1. Molly

    So glad you enjoying Lightroom. It is a steep learning curve but a great editing package…. and yes, Silverdrop has a great bum


  2. Exhibit A

    The lines on this are lovely, and I really like the overall effect you’ve managed to create. I know from experience that this type of photo is surprisingly hard to get right, so I’m doubly impressed with how well you’ve done it!

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