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SinfulSunday: First Time in a While

Silverdrop had surgery back in February. It has taken her a while to recover, which has affected our sex life. I have been masturbating while she cuddled with me. Yesterday morning was the first time since the surgery that she felt like her body could handle an orgasm.

We are both disabled in various ways, and our sex life could be described as non-traditional. Penetrative sex (of any orifice) probably only features half the time. But we are very inventive, trust me. This often involves mutual masturbation, while a verbal fantasy is weaved (usually by me).

Silverdrop is gender-queer, and we were somewhat surprised (because of the circumstances) that her male energy came very strongly ‘front’ when we got naked. So I went with that. Him being used in the locker room by the whole team after the big game. They used him as a cum rag, because he likes that.

PS from Silverdrop: The main reason my male energy hasn’t been around much is menopause. I’m going through it now, and my male energy is alarmed and squicked by the whole concept, so it doesn’t come out much. I keep promising Silverdom that he’ll be back raring to go in a few years! Yesterday was a lovely surprise! ♂️ ❤️♂️

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My cum rag.

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Sinful Sunday

WickedWednesday: Necessary

It’s been a while since I participated in Wicked Wednesday. I wonder if Marie will be surprised? It is her prompt ‘Necessary’ that err, prompted me to come back.

It has become necessary, for my own peace of mind and sense of honesty, for me to be 100% open about the part of my body that I don’t like. No, not my cock (which Silverdrop insisted I leave in the shot)!

My belly. Back in the Air Force and before, I was something of an athlete – badminton, running, sailing etc. – and had the body that went with it. In 1999 I almost died from a previously undetected abdominal condition. The resultant surgery saved my life. Post-op infection destroyed a lot of my abdominal muscles – the six pack. Then osteoarthritis kicked in and made me less and less mobile.

This is what I am left with. It is also one of the reasons why Silverdrop and I are so body-positive.  I hope this might encourage others with body image issues to post.

It ain’t pretty, but it’s all mine.

I have sometimes posed/cropped/edited this part of me out of images. Or a pic of me on my back, which minimises things.That stops. Now.

And I mean it this time.


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Wicked Wednesday... a place to be wickedly sexy or sexily wicked


We often jokingly comment to each other that some of the conversations we have are quite, well, odd. Or would be if overheard by non-BDSM types. Here’s one from last Sunday.

SilverHubby: Are you going to sew this afternoon?

Silverdrop: No, I don’t have the energy.

SH: Then why did you watch the movie with me?

SD: Because you wanted to watch the movie, and I’m a good girl.

She is a good girl. My good girl.

SilverHubby and Silverdrop

Snippets From Our Past:- The Airport

I was sitting here thinking about the first time we met in the flesh. It was months after we found each other online. We were both getting out of bad first marriages, and were understandably nervous about diving back in. But the spark we felt in cyber was too strong to be denied and, as I flew away from the UK frequently for business anyway, I booked a flight to Washington’s deeply romantic (NOT) Dulles airport.

You told me later that you had sat down in Arrivals just as the boards showed my flight had landed. You’d been delayed by your silly dog escaping into the snow. This led to you being even more nervous – if that were possible.

You thought you’d have plenty of time before I came through the doors and we could touch for the first time. After all, as a commie-pinko foreigner, I had to clear customs and immigration. You took off your coat and, when other attempts to relax failed, got out a book.

What you didn’t know, was that the information screens were lagging significantly behind the reality. So far behind, that s you saw them change to ‘In Customs’, I was walking just about to walk through the doors into Arrivals.

I didn’t see you at first. The hall was crowded, and you were tucked away in the far right corner. A small part of what I am pleased to call my mind was getting quite worried as my eyes did a slow left to right sweep around the larger space. There you were! Head down in a book. This image is burned in to my memory. It is one that has often been repeated over the years, although it is a Kindle in your hands these days.

You were so engrossed that, that you didn’t see me until I was standing directly in front of you. Did you drop the book? I don’t remember. I do remember you jumping up and into my arms. I do remember burying our heads in to each other and inhaling deeply. I do remember almost crushing you in my patented bear hug.

What I remember most is your reaction to my saying the two words I had been training you to respond to: “Cum now.” You whimpered, your knees went weak, and I had to support you as your orgasm left you sagging against me.

These are memories I will take in to the long dark when my time is done.

I wonder if our readers would like to hear more, Silverdrop?

EDIT: This is my first piece of writing since attending Eroticon 2017.

These Are My People

SilverHubby shown at the waist, clothed, his hands holding a collar.

I said that in Twitter.

I was referring to the feeling I got when I arrived at Eroticon for the Sunday sessions. We are all unique in our own way – this is a given – but to be surrounded by people who are body/sex/gender/race/relationship (and all the other things) positive, was emotionally overwhelming at times.

I had already met Molly and Michael several times, so it was comforting for there to be two familiar faces. But I also got to put faces to pixels. Exposing40, Bee and Bee-Keeper, ClearEyedGirl etc. There were many others, and I so wish I could have been there for the social stuff to talk with you all more.

Highlights included seeing Bee get her brand (and her squeak). ILB’s session on keeping your blog going was great. As was Ruby’s on the call out culture.

The list of people there was no time to meet is long, and a little sad. Unless they were avoiding me. 😉

Silverdrop couldn’t come with me, as she is recovering from surgery, but we will both be there next year.

In the meantime, I have two new stickers for the lid of my laptop. I TOLD you I was a geek, Bee!

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