SinfulSunday: First Time in a While

Silverdrop had surgery back in February. It has taken her a while to recover, which has affected our sex life. I have been masturbating while she cuddled with me. Yesterday morning was the first time since the surgery that she felt like her body could handle an orgasm.

We are both disabled in various ways, and our sex life could be described as non-traditional. Penetrative sex (of any orifice) probably only features half the time. But we are very inventive, trust me. This often involves mutual masturbation, while a verbal fantasy is weaved (usually by me).

Silverdrop is gender-queer, and we were somewhat surprised (because of the circumstances) that her male energy came very strongly ‘front’ when we got naked. So I went with that. Him being used in the locker room by the whole team after the big game. They used him as a cum rag, because he likes that.

PS from Silverdrop: The main reason my male energy hasn’t been around much is menopause. I’m going through it now, and my male energy is alarmed and squicked by the whole concept, so it doesn’t come out much. I keep promising Silverdom that he’ll be back raring to go in a few years! Yesterday was a lovely surprise! ♂️ ❤️♂️

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My cum rag.

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14 thoughts on “SinfulSunday: First Time in a While

  1. Aurora Glory

    Lovely close up photo! Your sex life sounds so interesting, it’s great that you have found ways around any disabilities to still enjoy each other. The mutual masturbation with a verbal fantasy sounds amazing, I am definitely going to suggest giving this a try with my partner.
    Aurora x

  2. Molly

    This is really interesting, I definitely don’t have any male energy when it comes to sex etc, well not that I have ever been aware of but I find it really interesting to read about how other peoples sexulaity works


  3. Julie

    So pleased that silverdrop is recovering and that you both had such a wonderful morning. Lovely the image too.

  4. Sassycat3000

    ohhh “cum rag”….i think everyone needs a “cum towel”….when Charlie was in my life…I really enjoyed being his “cum bucket.”
    Hope the recovery continues to go well….

  5. Stell

    Penetrative sex only features about half the time in my sex life as well and to be honest, I don’t miss it at all.


  6. Rebecca

    I love both the image and the back story as well, you have not let anything get in the way which is admirable and great fun x

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