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An Ode to Molly, This Birthday Mo(u)rn.

Silverdrop and I want to wish a very happy birthday to the wonderful bundle of humanity that is Molly! She gives – I kid you not – the most amazing hugs. And she’s an all-round jolly nice chap (being very British here), and has helped many people.

With apologies to non-Brit listeners for the full-on Glaswegian accent, here is a song by one of my favourite comedians ever, that definitely isn’t ‘Happy Birthday to You’! And not just because it’s to the tune of ‘What a Friend we Have in Jesus’.

Happy Birthday Molly!

A translation:

Oh Jesus Christ, I’m nearly forty
My pubic hair is going grey
I can’t cut the mustard like I used to
I think it’s downhill all the way

And when you see me on the buses
Please don’t offer me your seat
When you’re crunching on those apples
I’ll be sucking boiled sweets

Please don’t leave me by the seaside
Don’t shout as if my ears don’t work
Never let me pee my trousers
Don’t let me dribble down my shirt….