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SinfulSunday: Before and After.

I am almost 57. Various health conditions and medications mean that I have slowly begun to suffer from a degree of ED (Erectile Dysfunction). I could get an erection, but it often wasn’t sufficiently hard for penetrative sex – especially anal.

So I went to the Doc’s this week.




Then yeeehargghhh!

10 years since I was this hard!

PS. They work!

Silverdrop: That captionĀ is misleading. Round one we were far too invested in eventsĀ to take pictures. Afterwards, we got dressed again, and while sitting across the table from one another at lunch, SilverDom got that hard while we were simply talking about how it went. I asked how long it had been since he’d gotten hard just talking about sex, without any visual or tactile stimulation. It’s been years. Anyway, after lunch, I took pictures, and he had a wank.

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