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SinfulSunday: Well in Hand

Largely due to our various disabilities, much of our sex (>50% I would guess) is non-penetrative. Silverdrop is, for example, world-class at giving a hand job.

This was taken by me about a squillionth of a second before ejaculation – I was distracted by other matters – so I missed the actual moment, which happened on her next downstroke. Do you forgive me?

I would say that Silverdrop has matters well in hand, wouldn’t you?

NB to self: you need to trim your pubes, dude!

PS to NB: Dude! We did it the next day, remember?

PS. Yay! More cock men in Sinful Sunday!

PPS. Confuscius say: “Wise man marry woman with small hands.”

PPPS. I don’t need to explain that PPS, do I?

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