Daily Archives: 17/06/2017

SinfulSunday: I Love it Now

Partly because of a horrible first marriage, I went many years disliking my cock.

Silverdrop and others cured me of that. I love my cock now – even with its grey pubes. LOL!

Pubes got a damned good trim after I saw them from this angle!

PS. I have not come across (pun partly intentional) many cocks with hairy shafts. Have you?

PPS. Yay! More cock men in Sinful Sunday! Again.

Silverdrop: All cocks are lovely. But this one is mine, and therefore, the most beautiful cock in the world. (Don’t tell Silverdom I said that! He’s allergic to compliments!)

Silverdom: Naughty girl! I did not see you had added your comment until after this posted.

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