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SinfulSunday Prompt Week ‘D’: Delightful

It is the fashion these days to Depilate one’s Dermis, particularly if one is of the Demographic group inclusive of ‘Young people these days’. Fortunately, neither of your hosts have claimed membership in such a group for Decades, and therefore we both came of age in a more hirsute time.

Imagine the scene… a few Days ago, with SilverDom lying behind SilverDrop, his Delicious hands lightly stroking the Delicate hairs of her upper thighs, ass, and vulva. Moans of Desire grow more intense. The caressing continues until SilverDrop Dissolves into a puddle of orgasm.

Your hosts would not Dream of suggesting that this could not happen to a cunt and ass that had been shaven. Every body is Different, and what one finds Delectable, another might find Dull. But they do maintain that this could not have happened to SilverDrop, had she been Depilated.



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