SinfulSunday: Nothing Phallic Here

I’ve not had time to create a ‘rude’ image this week, so I’ll go with what I’ve got.

We’ve had some interesting skies. I await the four horsemen. Perhaps they will impale themselves on the non-phallic symbolism.

Nothing Phallic Here!


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Sinful Sunday

18 thoughts on “SinfulSunday: Nothing Phallic Here

  1. Violet

    I think this is a self portrait, symbolic with the blue in the sky like the blue pills of fortitude you’ve shared before. Tall, unabashed, and riotously hard!

  2. John Brownstone

    Love the clouds, here in FL we get some similar looking skies when the afternoon storms roll in. As for the symbolism in the center, looks like it’s daring the clouds to come get it.

  3. HappyComeLucky

    I love the sky. You might remember daily sky shots on my way to work last autumn. I love to take time to just let the sky delight, inspire and impress me – so, thank you for sharing this.

  4. SassyCat

    ohhh this photo is amazing!
    love dark skies before a storm and the night sky.
    I had to LOL at your horsemen & phallic statement.
    Very clever 🙂

  5. LittleSwitchBitch

    What a wonderful, rather threatening yet exciting looking sky. I love pictures of the sky – I always find them relaxing because usually I spot something different every time I look at them 🙂

    1. SilverHubby Post author

      I have many sky/cloud scapes in the folder. One of my favourite subjects, alongside sea, countryside, and Silverdrop. 🙂

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