Hands, Rings, Light and Shadows

Our fingers swell, then go down again. We have a range of wedding  rings in different sizes to cope with this.

It was, however, getting expensive in gold. We recently found some rainbow effect stainless steel rings on EvilFeesBay, and thought they were perfect. I, after all, am pansexual, Silverdrop is gender-fluid.

Here they are.

What do you think?


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20 thoughts on “Hands, Rings, Light and Shadows

  1. Flip

    Such a cute story to go with the photo. Love the ring colours, they match perfectly with who you both are 🙂

    Flip x

  2. Alice King

    They are beautiful!

    I have a few co-workers that have wedding rings they wear just at work. They are a rubberized ring so they can be easily cleaned and stretch. They come in cool colors.

  3. Molly

    They look lovely and I like how you have used the sunlight to create patterns on your hands and illuminate the rings


  4. Jo

    This is so sweet! Great idea, too – we change size often throughout our lives… even our fingers.

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