A Tree With an ‘Innie’?

My mojo for Sinful Sunday has been AWOL – largely due to the 28-day absence of silverdrop. She is, without doubt, my muse.

She returns in 12 days – 7 by the time this is published. Yay!

She sent me this image of a tree flashing its errr… can you see it?

Hint: it has an ‘innie’.


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Sinful Sunday

18 thoughts on “A Tree With an ‘Innie’?

  1. Bee

    I’m always seeing things in nature. I’m so glad you’re finally reunited…a little late with my comments!!

  2. Molly

    I must be missing something with regards the image as I can’t see it but then that makes me like you because you are clearly missing something too.

    I am sure her return will be a delight though


  3. Jo

    She’ll be home before you know it. And just think of all the fun things you will do upon your reunion (I doubt you’re thinking of anything else)! As someone who lives across the ocean from my love and doesn’t see him for months at a time, I promise that you will endure this month. <3

  4. Indigo Byrd

    Oh i haven’t climbed a tree in ages…Must do, though the trees around here are not as splendid as this one – innie and all. Bit of a Tarzan feel to it too. Hope your Jane is home soon!

  5. John Brownstone

    I’m sure it will be quite the homecoming once she returns. Took me a minute but I did see it, I take pics of trees myself. Sometimes you find hidden quirky treasures. Great pic.

  6. May More

    Wonderful tree. I take photos of trees constantly. Often ones that are very old or different in colour. Love trees. Great pic.

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